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Sopaco - Sommerhalder Consulting was founded by Urs Sommerhalder in 2012

Urs Sommerhalder

Urs Sommerhalder

graduated Export Manager
languages: d/e/f


1983-1994 SIG Beringen, Packaging Machinery, Director Marketing and Sales
1994-1998 Wipf Volketswil, Flexible Packaging Solutions, Director Marketing and Sales
1998-2012 Alcan/Rio Tinto/Amcor, Director Marketing, Sales and Innovation
2012 foundation of SOPACO - Sommerhalder Consulting


Development of new markets in Asia, Middle East and former Central and Eastern Europe
Substantial growth in various product markets
Introduction of a new creative innovation process and launching of many new, successful products

Lecturer of "Sales Process in Packaging" at the IPI, International Packaging Institute in Schaffhausen, Switzerland: